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Hacking, John

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Since 2000 I am a chaplain at the University Chaplaincy at the Radboud University. I love to read poetry, philosopical and mystical texts. I enjoy walking and cycling in nature, working in my garden, cooking and drinking good wine, pondering about everything which makes life worth living. I am married.

Since 1970 I am painting. In 1980 I started to paint landscapes. My painting is motivated by religion and religious themes. I'm writing much (mostly in Dutch) about spirituality, painting, philosophy of the body, the power of information and other philosophical themes. I'm interested in Daoism, and many other religious and semi-religious themes and questions. The questions about God have my special attention.

You can always knock on my door if you want to talk about issues or questions that are on your mind. Whoever you are, or what you are, feel free to contact me. A sense of humour is part of me too. Wednesday is my day off; on other days you can find me at the Erasmuslaan.



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