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Marieke Fernhout

Marieke-FernhoutWhere do you come from and where are you heading? The road between those two questions is marked by stories. Stories, that tell by who and what you are shaped, who and what gives you hope and inspiration, stories about your questions and quests… In essence: the stories that are making you who you are, and by which you create your reality.

As a university chaplain I am always looking for those stories. I discover them in the Bible, that old and yet so new and young book, I find them in music, theatre, film, literature, in the arts in general – and in people.

Your college years are, maybe more than in any other period of your life, an era in which you create new stories. As a university chaplain I am very curious about that. I consider the University Chaplaincy as a clearing in the sometimes impenetrable woods of events in our life in the world in general (now maybe more than ever, in ‘covid times’); an open place where you can take a breath and share your stories. Or maybe just to be together for a while.

Feel welcome to just walk in, whether or not you feel like talking; coffee and tea are always ready. If you’d like to have a private personal meeting with me, you can send an email to