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Mission Statement

1. Cornerstones of this vision: MISSION

  • We are rooted in Christian tradition. That is our base. The Christian churches have sent us. The nucleus of this Christian tradition is the gospel (which means Good News for the world and the people who live in)
  • Standing in this tradition, we perceive reality and we are motivated to act.
  • Therefore is our attitude characterized by openness, dedication and attention for the people, their relations and the world we live in.
  • That means that we in the context of the university are focused on new relationships between students mutual and between students and staff members.

2. Goals we want to achieve: AIMS

  • We want to inspire people based on the gospel and motivate them to inspire each other so they can grow in a biblical sense.
  • Therefore we want to create relations between people where they feel well in relation to themselves, to each other and to God. Dialog and respect for each other difference and for everyone’s uniqueness are important. People who are connected come up against injustice (on the campus and in the world)
  • That means that we stimulate the university community to work for a better world and a society where all people can explore their given talents to do well. Science can be helpful to make an end to poverty, injustice, war and intolerance.

3. Translation of this aims: PROGRAMM

  • Our program has 3 dimensions to perceive and meet (religious) reality. These three dimensions can be visualized in a triangle, with in the midst of it Christian Inspiration.
  • The act of Believing includes inner life and the body, not only rationality. The whole person is addressed as an individual in his relations tot others. Therefore discovering and experience as important dimension.
  • Christianity offers a perspective on the world and the future of this world. Reflection and consideration explore this perspective.
  • Life can be a present that also inspire you to feel responsible for it. Therefore sharing - celebrating is an important dimension because it is connected with our aim to bring students of different kinds together, create relations between them, with attention to their spiritual needs.

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This model of the triangle gives us the possibility to connect the three dimensions with each other in our program. It can function as a starting point to formulate new activities and to evaluate our program. In our work we are focused on students. We work together with staff-members of the university to reach students. Staff-members can ask us for personal support.


In the University Chaplaincy the Christian values are become more concrete on the campus. We try to achieve a chaplaincy where students feel at home and where they take their own responsibility in fulfilling the program and the needs of cultivation of Christianity and personal spirituality.

The chaplains are giving the framework so that there is a free space to talk about all the questions of personal meaning, religion, spirituality, ethics and science. This is only possible when there is a sphere of dialogue, dedication and openness. Taking part is also asking some commitment from students.

The University Chaplaincy has here own expertise in Christian tradition, spiritual sources, Christian rituals, pastoral care with individuals and groups. We work together with other institutes to enrich our program.

The new building offers a lot of opportunities for new activities: meeting each other, a personal talk, reflection, deepening, rest, silence, prayer and ritual, sharing and celebrating.


Our program has to be related to the living world of students and their questions. In the University Chaplaincy we create a free space to ask all kind of questions and to explore the answers. Therefore the University Chaplaincy offers a room for students

  • Where you are heard and seen
  • Where you find hospitality
  • To be yourself and explore your possibilities
  • To draw from inspiring sources
  • To share your passion
  • To discover the base of your life
  • To meet each other in your own uniqueness
  • To be connected, to share and celebrate
  • To give attention to a better world and to act for that
  • To cooperate in the program and take your own responsibility

We design a new program with the help of students that fits in our new building. The concrete suggestions from students in combination with the three dimensions of the program: discovering – experience / reflection – consideration / sharing – celebrating can provide the effect that we reach more students, that they become inspired and more enthusiastic. Students become part of our program and they become ambassadors of the University Chaplaincy and our aims.