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Lecture journey to Auschwitz

Auschwitz as a symbol

Monday January 22 at 7.30 PM prof. dr. Marc van Berkel, endowed professor of Holocaust Education, will give a lecture in which the following themes will be discussed:

  • a brief history of antisemitism, leading up to the systematic Nazi killing machine during the second World War;
  • Auschwitz as the symbol of this killing machine;
  • Holocaust as a (problematic) term.

The lecture will last approximately 45 minutes, and will be followed by time and space for questions and join in conversation.

After a short break there will be a meeting to prepare the journey to Auschwitz from 2-5 February (hosted by the university chaplaincies from Delft, Leiden, Nijmegen and Rotterdam). This meeting is only intended for students already having registered for the journey.

Using the link below all interested can register for the lecture. After registration you will receive the Teams-link to attend the lecture.

Additional information via marieke.fernhout@ru.nl