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Atelier for memories

"I will always remember you"

datenLiving with the loss of a loved one can be heavy. At the atelier for memories, your memories are central. You're welcome to break, glue together, to plant or to weave; to find out how you can reflect on what or who you're missing in life. There are various activities ready for you to engage in.

Regardless of what or who you're missing, you are welcome! In a small group you can share your thoughts and feelings with other students who have also experienced loss. We do this with a creative activity.

Whether you're missing a loved one, the future or a friendship, you don't have to bear it alone, feel welcome.

When: 6 June (16.00-18.00; NL/EN)

Where: HAN campus, Kapittelweg 33/35

If you would like additional information, feel welcome to send an e-mail to nicole.schubert@han.nl

Please register by filling in the form below.

Are you interested in this meeting at another moment? Then please send an email to info@studentenkerk.ru.nl and we will pick a date.