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Grief group for students

If you have lost a family member or a friend, you will still feel this loss after years. In collaboration with a student psychologist, the University Chaplaincy already offers a Dutch version of a grief group for students, and we are now thinking about starting an English-spoken version too. The group would consist of seven gatherings and you would be expected to be present at all of them.

Exchange of experiences and an opportunity to express your feelings of sadness and powerlessness are the central theme of the meetings. Our experience has shown that participation in the group is helpful if it has been a while since your loved one passed away (at least six months ago or longer). Being able to express your feelings among new people will be much more difficult if it happened recently. The sadness that you carry with you will still be there after a long time, even after many years. The further you are in the process, the more helpful this group can be for you.

The themes of the meetings would probably be:

  • Meeting 1: Your personal experience – grief and sadness in your life
  • Meeting 2: Vulnerability – What do you feel?
  • Meeting 3: Obstacles – What do you encounter?
  • Meeting 4: Positive experiences – What is going well?
  • Meeting 5: Identity: Do you still feel as if you are the same person?
  • Meeting 6: Relationship – How are you connected ?
  • Meeting 7: The future

Are you interested in joining these meetings? Then please let us know by filling in the form below. If there is enough interest, we will pick the dates and let you know about it.

There is also a HAN grief group, in collaboration with the HAN student psychologist. RU students are welcome here as well. More information: nicole.schubert@han.nl

You can also join: Atelier for memories