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Loss group for international students

tea-light-2692556_1920If you are an international student dealing with some form of loss, it can be especially difficult when you are far from home and new to the Netherlands.

In our group we welcome anyone who is experiencing grief or profound readjustment stemming from some type of loss, and who wishes to have a place to share all these emotions which are, so often, confusing and unexpected.

The group leaders, rev. Marieke Fernhout and Andrea Reeve MA, are working from the University Chaplaincy in their respective roles as spiritual and emotional counsellor and specialist in death- and bereavement studies.

Our group is primarily English speaking, but native speakers or people who speak English as a second language are equally welcome. We meet every two weeks.

If you would like additional information, feel welcome to send an e-mail to marieke.fernhout@ru.nl

Are you interested in joining our group? Then please let us know by filling in the form below.