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overview activities

An overview of all the Student Chaplaincy's activities. Click here for our religiously oriented acitivities.

Personal contact

add me as a friend

If you are looking for someone to share your personal thoughts, questions or difficulties with, we offer confidential support.

Film Club


Every month the University Chaplaincy hosts a movie night. We watch movies that are multicultural from a variety of genres during these movie nights of the Film Club.

Coloured Conversations

Intercultural Issues

Talk in discussion groups or individual conversations about (inter)cultural experiences with our student chaplains: Coloured Conversations.


kerk sk

Worship and or meet fellow students  International Catholics Nijmegen

Global (Garden) Night

global night horizontaal

Meet each other during global Garden Night  May 25 2023: 18.00-22.00 hrs after: the Global Glass House on the Erasmusplein  in which in Dutch and international students can ‘test living together’  (May 23-25)



Meeting each other and eating together



Lentenmeal: In the period of Lent, the chaplaincy organizes every Thursday, a meal to mark the period of Lent


huissen klooster 2020

A good place to find some inner rest: visit a monastry with us or participate at a retraite (in Dutch)

Dito Lunch

Roze Week

In September we start again with Pink lunches organised by DITO

Rorate Messe


Rorate messe and breakfast in the Advent: starting your day with a mass and only candle light (afterwards free breakfast)


droomboom 2021

We also have organized several art projects over the years. You can find different kind of art projects. Or doing nothing, lay down in our Daydream Hammock? Take your time!

Activities during Christmas

christmas in the chaplaincy

Christmas gathering for Students who don't go home

Way of the cross


During lent we have every Friday Way of the Cross

For employees


We also organise a variety of activities for employees of Radboud University and HAN University of Applied Sciences.