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Coloured Conversations

Intercultural issues

At the RU and HAN students with a diversity of nationalities and cultural backgrounds come together. A beautiful colourful image, but when you have been raised in between two cultures you know from your own experience this can cause friction. For instance in the relations with your parents and (religious) family, in love affairs and sexual orientation, participating in student associations etcetera. Living in two cultures can provide great resource, but sometimes certain topics are off the table or even taboo.

Then you can find yourself in need to share your story with peers in a safe environment.

The University Chaplaincy and Social work International Students organise a monthly meeting group at the end of Wednesday afternoon, one month for both women and men, the other month for women only. Hatice Tokgöz (Social Work) and Marieke Fernhout (University Chaplain) are familiar with different cultural and religious traditions and offer you a sympathetic ear as well as positive feedback – since your intercultural background can give you a lot of strength and energy!

When? In 2023

Wednesday 1 Februari , 1 March, 12 April, 10 May,  7 June


University Chaplaincy, Erasmuslaan 9a in Nijmegen.


From 16:00 until 18.00 hrs.

By whom?

Hatice Tokgöz (Social Work, hatice.tokgoez@ru.nl) and Marieke Fernhout (University Chaplain, marieke.fernhout@ru.nl).