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Church services - Mass

We have various masses and services at the University Chaplaincy where everyone is welcome. This page gives an overview of all services and celebrations.



* Catholic Eucharist

Each Sunday (also in July and August) we have a Catholic Eucharist service iDinsdagmis Tuesday Mass285392895_10225719999761707_8760784092387570701_nn English. Holy Mass starts at 5 pm. We also have a Eucharist service on Tuesdays ánd Thursdays at 12.45 pm. Students, staff and other visitors are welcome. After Holy Mass there is the opportunity to meet each other in the living room of the chaplaincy, followed by a monthly activity at 7 pm:

  • Every 1st Sunday of the month: Movie Night (non-religious);
  • Every 2nd Sunday of the month: Potluck dinner: everybody brings a dish for him-/herself and something to share with others; after the dinner we can play board games;
  • Every 3rd Sunday of the month: Movie Night (religious themed);
  • Every 4th Sunday of the month: study group “Table Talks” (on a religious topic – in 2023 we study the Sacraments of the Church)

More information about activities on Sunday you can also find on Facebook.

* Silent Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Every last Sunday of the Month, from 3 pm until 5 pm, silent Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is offered: you come and go whenever it suits you. And Fr. Joseph is at your disposal to hear confession during this time.



* Ecumenical church services (in Dutch)

studentenkerkDuring term-time ecumenical church services in Dutch are held on Sundays from 11.00 to 12.00 am (except in July-August).

* Taizé-prayer

Taizégebed in de StudentenkerkEvery Wednesday a group of students gather together in the church of our chaplaincy for a 30 minutes prayer inspired by the ecumenical monastery of Taizé (France). In addition to singing Taizé songs, there is room for silence, personal prayer and a reading from the Bible. Everyone is welcome and there is tea and coffee afterwards.

Dates: every week in the academic year, from the first Wednesday of October until the first Wednesday of July, at 12.45 pm

* Memorial Service (in Dutch)

Jaarlijkse herdenking overledenen Radboud UniversiteitEach year we have a memorial service (in Dutch) in our chapel to remember students and employees who passed away during the past year. Everyone is welcome. You are also welcome to remember your own losses, your dear-ones who passed away.  From 7 - 7.45 pm. Always on the first Monday in November.




* Celebrations:

  • Christmas

Monday 25 December, 5 pm English Mass
Sunday 31 December, 5 pm English Mass

  • Dies celebration

The celebration of the Dies Natalis starts with a Eucharistic celebration at 10.30 a.m.  in Oktober 2023 - The Eucharistic celebration will be bilingual (English and Dutch).

  • Ash Wednesday

Wednesday  2023. Time: 6 pm English Masash-wednesday3

  • During Lent

Each Friday at 12.45 pm Way of the Cross (English). For more information, see Way of the Cross.

  • Easter

The services during the Holy Week Palm Sunday (5 pm), Holy Thursday (7 pm), Good Friday (7 pm), Easter Sunday (5 pm)

  • Pentecost

Sunday 5 pm English Mass

for more information: info@studentenkerk.ru.nl