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Toelatingseisen en regelingen voor vrijstellingen

Students with a HBO (higher vocational education) degree may be eligible for certain exemptions, depending on the content of the programme they completed. If you think you are eligible for exemption(s), you should contact the programme coordinator, who will then advise the examining board of Linguistics, which will ultimately decide whether the exemption(s) will be granted.

Graduates from a Speech Therapy programme at HBO level can follow a one-year transition programme for admission to the Master's degree programme in Language and Speech Pathology. You can find more information on this in the prospectus of the Bachelor's degree programme in Linguistics under the heading ‘De postpropedeutische bachelorfase (B2 en B3): Schakelprogramma Taal- en Spraakpathologie voor hbo-afgestudeerden Logopedie' (The post-propaedeutic Bachelor's phase (B2 and B3: Transition programme for Language and Speech Pathology for graduates from a Speech Therapy programme at HBO level).