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Book list and start of the programme


Each course in this prospectus states the required and optional literature. Many of these books are used throughout the first and second year.

For the first semester, the books you need are:

  • Paula Y. Bruice, Organic Chemistry, Prentice Hall, 8th ed. ISBN 9781292160344 text book and solution manual.
  • M.T. Weller, T.L. Overton, J.P. Rourke, and F.A. Armstrong, Inorganic Chemistry, Oxford University Press, Seventh edition, 2018. Pack (Includes Solution Manual) ISBN 9780198835011.
  • C. Harris, Exploring Chemical Analysis, 5th ed., 2013, W.H. Freeman and Company, New York ISBN: 9781429275033
  • A. Serway en J.W. Jewett, Physics for Scientists and Engineers, with Modern Physics, Technology Update, Cengage Learning (BrooksCole), 9th edition, 2014. ISBN: 9781305401969
  • Nelson & Cox, Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, 7th ed., Macmillan (2017) ISBN-13-978-1464126116
  • T. Overton, S. Johnson, J. Scott: Study and communication skills for the chemical sciences, Oxford University press, 2nd ed. ISBN: 9780198708698

You can order the books yourself, but members of the study associations Sigma and Leonardo da Vinci can order books with substantial discount. During the orientation week (19-26 August) this is organised by the study associations. Students who do not participate in the orientation week can contact the study associations via:

Sigma (Chemistry and Molecular Life Sciences): Sigma website or email.
Leonardo da Vinci (Science): email.

Lab coat and glasses

A lab coat of non-synthetic material (usually cotton) as well as proper safety glasses are required during lab courses. Both can be purchased during the first week of lectures (September 3 and 4).

Orientation week and start of the programme

From August 19-26 an orientation week is organised by the university. During this week you get acquainted with your fellow students, with the university,and with the city of Nijmegen. More information can be found here.

During this week, on Monday August 20, 09:00-10:00 the Education Institute will present some practical information about the programmes.

Students who are not able to attend the orientation week: relevant information will be repeated on the first day of lectures.

Lectures start on Monday September 3.

The schedule can be found here: https://persoonlijkrooster.ru.nl/schedule
Select button 'add timetable' 2018/2019 and your programme to load your schedule.

All first year students will automatically be registered for the courses of the first quarter.