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Interdisciplinaire cursussen

Cursuscode Cursustitel EC Periode

Extreme Makeover - Lichaamstransformaties, cultuur & het ideale zelf (v/m)

5 PER 1

Sex for the Social Sciences and Humanities: An Introduction to Socio-Cultural Sexuality Studies

5 PER 2

Two Centuries of Sex: A History of Sexuality in Europe, 1800-2000

5 PER 2

Introducing Gender Theories

6 PER 3

Theorizing Diversity: Inclusion and Exclusion in Contemporary Society

5 PER 3
SOW-VSB9047 Global Sex: The Travels of Desires, Identities, and Politics in a Globalizing World 5 PER 3
SOW-VSB9048 Sexuality in Contemporary Media Culture: Pornification, Censorship, Innocent Pleasure? 5 PER 4