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Overzicht cursussen

Cursuscode Cursusnaam
LET-ETCAMB200 Academic Communication Skills - American English (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB200 Academic Communication Skills - British English (5 ec)
LET-KGB275 American Art:American art: from the humble to the exalted (5 ec)
LET-ETCAMB103 American History and Politics I (5 ec)
LET-ETCAMB104 American History and Politics II (5 ec)
LET-ETCAMB216 American Political System: The 2020 Elections (5 ec)
LET-ETCAMB204 American Popular Culture (5 ec)
LET-ETCAMB207 America on Record: Introduction to American Music (5 ec)
LET-ETCAMB300 BA Thesis American Studies (10 ec)
LET-ETCENB300L BA Thesis English Literature (10 ec)
LET-ETCENB300T BA Thesis Linguistics (10 ec)
LET-ETCENB205 Beyond Britishness: the Construction of Identities in Literature and Culture (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB109 British Culture and History (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB201 British Literature and Culture of the 17th and 18th Century (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB107 British Literature and Culture of the 19th and 20th Century (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB204 British Popular Culture (5 ec)
LET-LETCC300 Core Curriculum vak 3: Geesteswetenschappen en samenleving (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB202 Dead or Alive? The Contemporary British Novel (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB211 English as a World Language (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB104 English from Old to New (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB100 English Linguistics: Theory and Practice (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB216 English Studies Now (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB302 Fools and Furies: The Early Modern Stage (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB217 I made the Devil do it: Conjuring Spirits in Late Medieval England (5 ec)
LET-ETCAMB212 Indigenous Studies in the United States and Canada (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB206 Introduction to Middle English Literature (5 ec)
LET-ETCAMB108 Intro to American Cultural Studies (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB215 Language Change (5 ec)
LET-ETCAMB201 Mediating America (5 ec)
LET-ETCB000 Mentoring programme (0 ec)
LET-ETCAMB205 Modern and Contemporary North American Literature
LET-ETCAMB105 Oral Communication Skills - American English A (5 ec)
LET-ETCAMB106 Oral Communication Skills - American English B (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB105 Oral Communication Skills - British English A (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB106 Oral Communication Skills - British English B (5 ec)
LET-CIWB200-IBC Philosophical Reflection: History of Thought (5 ec)
LET-LET001-EN Philosophical Reflection: History of Thought (5 ec)
LET-ETCAMB102 Phonetics American English (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB102 Phonetics British English (5 ec)
LET-ETCAMB209 Planetary Cultural Politics
LET-ETCENB303 Pragmatics in Translation (5 ec)
LET-RADAR-EN RADAr: academic language proficiency (0 ec)
LET-ETCENB108 Reading Literature: An Introduction (5 ec)
LET-ETCAMB212 Research Seminar: Identity and Cultural Diversity (5 ec)
LET-ETCAMB305 Research Seminar: Politics and Cultures of the Black Freedom Struggle
LET-ETCENB203 Screening the Novel (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB212 Second Language Acquisition (5 ec)
LET-ETCAMB107 Survey American Literature (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB103 Syntax 1 (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB210 Syntax 2 (5 ec)
LET-ETCAMB213 The Challenges of Political Leadership: Comparing the US and the Netherlands (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB214 Topics in English Linguistics (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB208 Translation Dutch-English and English-Dutch (5 ec)
LET-ETCAMB206 US Foreign Relations (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB213 Van Klank tot Woord (5 ec)
LET-ETCENB101 Writing English (5 ec)