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Disciplinary package English Language and Culture

Relevant programme: English Language and Culture
Minor coordinator: Dr Usha Wilbers
Open to:

All students, including ETC students using the disciplinair package to follow more than the three compulsory electives. Note for ETC students: make sure the transition courses are not part of your standard Master's programme or part of the electives you currently take to obtain the 15 EC as part of your elective major. For more information, consult the BA ETC study guide.

Entry requirements: See individual course descriptions
Period: 1-4


This package gives students from outside the English Language and Culture programme the opportunity to familiarise themselves with this field. Students from English Language and Culture are given the option to study specific topics in more depth. The package includes courses in the field of English language and literature and cultural studies. Students who choose this package to prepare them for a Master's programme are advised to check the relevant study guide for the specific entry requirements.

If you choose this disciplinary package, you can choose 20 EC worth of courses from the following list:

English Language and Culture