Programma pre-master Orthodox Christianity

De pre-master Orthodox Christianity, is een tweejarige opleiding in het Engels en in het Nederlands en dient als instroomtraject voor de master Religiewetenschappen, specialisatie: Geestelijke Verzorging.


The Pre-Master in Orthodox Christianity provides students with an introduction to Orthodox Christianity as it is lived in its rich diversity. The programme focuses on what is shared by the Orthodox of both families: the ‘Eastern Orthodox’ (Greek, Slavic, Arabic, Romanian etc. traditions) and the ‘Oriental Orthodox’ (Armenian, Coptic, Syriac, Ethiopic and Eritrean traditions). Students will gain basic knowledge about how one of three main forms of Christianity understands its faith and practices. The students will study Orthodoxy in its own right, instead of highlighting the differences with the other two forms of Christianity (Roman Catholicism and Protestantism).

Programme and Languages

The pre-master consists of eleven courses. Eight of these courses examine the various aspects of the Orthodox traditions and are taught in English by the staff of St Irenaeus Orthodox Theological Institute, which is part of the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies. The three remaining courses are general courses of the faculty; at present these courses are taught in Dutch.

Year 1




Studielast (aantal EC)

Semester 1 Orthodox History I FTR-RSPMO105 5
1 Orthodox Scripture FTR-RSPMO104 5
1 Orthodox Liturgy I FTR-RSPMO101 5
Semester 2 Orthodox Liturgy II FTR-RSPMO102 5
2 Orthodox Theology FTR-RSPMO103 5
2 Orthodox Anthropology FTR-RSPMO100 5
Totaal 30 EC

Year 2



Studielast (aantal EC)

Semester 1 Methoden en technieken I 5
1 Inleiding Religiewetenschappen 5
1 Orthodox History II 5
Semester 2 Orthodox Theology II 5
2 (Schrijf je zowel in voor de werkplaats als voor het eindwerkstuk) Thesis Workshop 0
2 (Schrijf je zowel in voor de werkplaats als voor het eindwerkstuk) Thesis 10
Totaal 30 EC

Blended Learning

The eight specific courses are taught in an online and ‘blended learning’ format. This means that there are no traditional lectures at the university, but rather videos which can be watched at home and assignments such as papers, posts in online discussions and presentations by the students. These courses consist of eight modules of two weeks each, which offer the student great flexibility to organise his or her time. In addition to these asynchronous activities, each module contains also an online Zoom session (the times of which will be agreed upon during the kick-off meeting on Saturday Sept. 4th). In the first year, the student has to write a mid-term paper and a final paper for each course.

It is the intention of St Irenaeus Institute to plan two or three study days which students are not required to attend in person and during which lectures will be given and students will be able to meet each other.

More information

If you are interested to take the courses of the pre-master as a minor or if you need any further information concerning your admission requirements or the application procedure, please send an email to