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Gender and Diversity: A World of Difference

As of next academic year (2023-2024), this minor will have a slightly different name: Diversity, Inclusion and Gender.

Why is there a debate about police officers wearing headscarves? Why do more men than women hold top positions? Do you sell fewer insurance policies if your name is Ahmed? By inquiring into historical and present-day cultural formations of difference between people along lines of gender, race/ethnicity, religion, age, language and sexuality, you further shape your own view on what the future of these differences should be, and start to think about how such a future might come about. For samples of the kinds of research that inform the teaching on this minor, please see the website of Radboud Gender & Diversity Studies.

Key questions: What is the problem with inequality? Which historical, linguistic and cultural processes, both within and outside organisations, perpetuate inequalities dynamics such as gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, religion, age, and language?
Coordinator: dr. Anna Geurts (anna.geurts@ru.nl)


Fixed components

Read more about the think tank, an individual internship at a company or organisation and a research internship.


Electives (20 EC)

In addition to the fixed components, you'll also enroll in courses for a total 20 EC. You can choose between two options:

  1. You can choose a disciplinary package. In this package you can choose courses of one degree programme for a total of 20 EC. More information on the disciplinary packages can be found here.
  2. You can choose courses from the interdisciplinary packages of the minor Gender and Diversity for a total of 20 EC. In these packages you will find courses from the Faculty of Arts (as well as other faculties of Radboud University) that allow you to focus on specific aspects of gender and diversity. You are allowed to combine courses from the different interdisciplinary packages of this minor.
    1. Interdisciplinary package 1: Gender
    2. Interdisciplinary package 2: Diversity

Please note:

  • If you want to include a course in the elective space of the minor which is not included in the package or want to take a minor elsewhere (at another faculty or university), you must send a substantiated request to the Examination Board at least six weeks before the start of the course.
    If you want to include a different course in your interdisciplinary package, the Examination Board will check whether this course is indeed related to the theme of the minor and in case of (a change in) a disciplinary package, whether there is disciplinary coherence.
  • If you choose one or more courses offered by another faculty, please note that they might have different registration deadlines for courses, exams, and resits. Check the STIP-website of the faculty in question and/or the OER of the programme that offers the course you would like to take for more information.
  • It is not possible to account for each student’s timetable when scheduling the courses for the disciplinary and interdisciplinary packages. This means you will only be able to take a course if your timetable permits. If you encounter any difficulties planning which minor courses to take, please consult you study advisor.

Interdisciplinary package 1: Gender

Interdisciplinary package 2: Diversity