Orthodox Christianity (30 EC)

Coordinator: Michael Bakker
Accessible to: All students from all universities
Period: 1-4


The Minor Orthodox Christianity (30 EC) provides an introduction to Orthodox academic theology. The Minor programme is open to students enrolled in any bachelor programme at a Dutch university and to students enrolled in a Dutch HBO bachelor programme. The only requirement for admission is basic knowledge of the Bible. The Minor consists of six courses of 5 ECTs each. As a minor student you will be studying with students enrolled in the Pre-master Orthodox Christianity.

The teaching staff consists of: Fr John Behr, Fr Michael Bakker, Fr Joan Lena of St Irenaeus Orthodox Theologial Institute, part of the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies.

We use the innovative ‘blended learning’ format, which allows students to participate almost entirely online. Each course consists of eight study weeks, during the last of which students finish their final paper for the course. During the preceding seven weeks you will study reading materials and videos available in the electronic learning environment Brightspace. You will participate in weekly online meetings (‘virtual classrooms’) and answer questions in writing. Each course is completed by a live meeting at Radboud University, during which students will present (the drafts of) their final papers. This form of teaching allows you great flexibility and minimises travel time. The virtual classrooms are scheduled at 18-19 hours, which usually does not interfere with work or other activities.

A kickoff for both Pre-Master and Minor students takes place on Monday 4 September 2023 at 14 hours in Nijmegen.

Interested in this Minor? Please contact the coordinator at michael.bakker@ru.nl before enrolling.

Students have to register for the minor as a whole as well as for the individual courses.

Semester Course Course ID Credits
1 Orthodox History I FTR-RSPMO105 5
1 Orthodox Scripture FTR-RSPMO104 5
1 Orthodox Liturgy I FTR-RSPMO101 5
2 Orthodox Liturgy II FTR-RSPMO102 5
2 Orthodox Theology I FTR-RSPMO103 5
2 Orthodox Anthropology FTR-RSPMO100 5
Minorcode Orthodox Christianity FTR-MI-RS118-21