Gender and Intersectionality 1

Coordinator: Katrine Smiet
Accessible to: All students
Period: Semester 1


What is ‘gender,’ and why is it so significant in society? How have feminist and queer thinkers challenged dominant ideas about sex and gender? And how can you understand and analyze gender in relation to other axes of difference, like race/ethnicity, sexuality, class, religion, and coloniality? In this minor, you follow courses that allow you to delve deeper into gender theory, feminist philosophy, queer theory, and postcolonial/decolonial perspectives. An intersectional lens on gender is central in the different courses.

Another minor Gender and Intersectionality is offered in the second semester, with a different set of courses. Some of the courses are in Dutch. For more information, contact the minor coordinator (dr. Katrine Smiet).

Students have to register for the minor as a whole as well as for the individual courses.

Course Course ID Credits
Feminist Classics FTR-FIMI213 5 EC
Perfect Self(ie) SOW-VSB9060 5 EC
Culture through Philosophy LET-ACWB210-ACS 5 EC
15 EC
Minorcode Gender and Intersectionality 1: FTR-MI-AL105-22