Philosophy, Politics and Society

Welcome to the PPS programme!

You are about to start a new chapter in life by starting life at Radboud University's Philosophy, Politics and Society programme. Most information will be shared with you during the RUintro but to tide you over we've listed the essentials below.

Student Advisors

Hi, we are Willem van der Kuijlen, Renée Wagenvoorde and Martine van Leeuwen. As Student Advisors we serve as the first persons to talk to about your studies.

Already have a question for us, or want to meet us before you start the programme? Please make an appointment on the page linked below.

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First year courses

  • Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues
  • Political Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Metaphysics and Philosophical Anthropology
  • The History of Ancient Philosophy
  • The History of Medieval Philosophy
  • The History of Modern Philosophy
  • The History of Contemporary Philosophy
  • Analyzing Texts and Arguments
  • Rhetoric and Debate
  • Academic Writing Workshop
  • Empirical Research Methods

For more information about the content of these courses, please have a look at the course guide.

Practical affairs

If you are looking for information on how to buy books, what laptop you need or when your orientation week starts, head on over to the general StudyStart page:
Are you an international student and do you have questions about our pre-arrival services, head on over to the page for International Bachelor Students:

Weekly overview (example)

This is what your week could look like during the first period! During the orientation we will explain how to consult your personal schedule on The dark blue columns represent lectures, whereas the lighter blue ones represent seminars. You can also see at what time you have class, who is teaching it, and where your class takes place. You'll receive more information about your personal schedule when you're fully enrolled. Depending on corona measures, this could be either online or on campus. Click here for more abbreviations of classrooms and lecture halls, as well as a campus map.