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Specialisatie European Union Governance and Politics (Bestuurskunde)

In this unique multidisciplinary Master's specialisation you learn the most up-to-date scientific insights, concepts and debates in the field of European politics and governance. You discover how political and social processes influence the design and functioning of European governance, European policy-making and implementation, and issues of legitimacy and problem-solving capacity. You learn how (EU) policies are formulated and designed, and how they lead to concrete results.

Labour market

This specialisation trains you to become an academic professional capable of working on (EU) cross-border issues in a variety of policy-intensive areas, such as:

  • Government (EU, national, regional, local)
  • Consultancy firms
  • Non-governmental organisations such as lobby groups, cause groups, labour unions, think tanks

Any other type of organisation that is affected by policies that go beyond national borders.