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Diversity, Inclusion and Gender.

Why is there a debate about police officers wearing headscarves? Why do more men than women hold top positions? What groups in the Netherlands suffer from linguistic bias? What makes a university (in)accessible?

By inquiring into historical and present-day cultural formations of difference between people along lines of gender but also, for instance, race/ethnicity, religion, age, physical form and appearance, language, and sexuality, you further shape your own view on what the future of such differences might be.

How do self-chosen and imposed identities relate to mechanisms of oppression such as ableism, classism, racism, and gender discrimination? How are they embedded in organisations, cultures, and languages? And what can we change about these mechanisms? For samples of the research that informs this minor, please see the website of Radboud Gender & Diversity Studies.

Key question: How are inequities perpetuated, and how can they be resolved?

The programme is still under construction and will be published as soon as possible.

Coordinator: dr. Anna Geurts