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We are buying increasingly more things, increasingly more often and increasingly cheaper, but nature bears the brunt of this. What are you doing to secure the future of our planet? Make an impact, check 🌎 #impactday #youhaveaparttoplay

A Significant Impact

Our society faces complex challenges that require interdisciplinary collaboration. This is why Radboud University has explicitly opted for strong and broadly defined disciplines and cooperation between those disciplines. Read all about it in our strategy: 'A Significant Impact'.

Radboud Centre for Sustainability Challenges

The Radboud Centre for Sustainability Challenges (RCSC) aspires to be the
hub for all sustainability-related research and education. To help researchers working on sustainability issues from different fields to connect with each other.

Videos on sustainability

As part of the Day of Sustainability, the Radboud Green Office made videos about sustainability within the faculties of Radboud University. Radboud Reflects also regularly organizes in-depth lectures on sustainability. You can watch these lectures here.

You have a part to play

As a society, we are facing major challenges. Radboud University wants to contribute to a healthy, free world with equal chances for everyone. Doing so requires researchers, students, and citizens. You have a part to play.

Radboud Green Office

Radboud Green Office is a platform for sustainability where students, employees and volunteers work together for a sustainable campus. The goal is to raise awareness of sustainability on campus and increasing the visibility of sustainable initiatives from Radboud University and Radboudumc.