Radboud University wants to contribute to a free and healthy world with equal opportunities for all. That is why we assign sustainability a prominent role in our education. All students come into contact with sustainability issues within their own discipline. And for students who want more we offer a wide and multidisciplinary range of courses, also at other faculties.

Sustainable bachelor courses

Looking for a sustainable bachelor course? Check out all sustainable bachelor courses of Radboud University.

Sustainable master courses

Looking for a sustainable master course? Check out all sustainable master courses of Radboud University.

Sustainable education programmes

Radboud University offers various sustainable education programmes such as minors and master's specialisations

Sustainability Testimony

Are you exploring sustainable issues during your studies, and would you like to have proof  of this? If so, make sure you add a Sustainability Testimony to your Bachelor’s diploma! At the moment, students at the Nijmegen School of Management and at the Faculty of Science have the opportunity to get this Testimony.

Radboud Honours Academy and sustainability

From 2 May - 11 July 2022, the Honours Academy is organizing an Honours lab on co-determination for plants and animals on the Radboud Campus. The application deadline is 18 April 2022. 

And in the interdisciplinary honours programmes for Bachelor students and Master students, there are always sustainability topics included. Read about the examples of the academic year 2021-2022.

New interdisciplinary course: Climate Crisis

This new course is open to students from all bachelor programs and discusses the climate crisis from the perspective of various disciplines. What is the science behind climate change? What are the impacts on ecosystems and human health? How can society respond to climate change? What does economics tell us about efficient policy targets and instruments? What does psychology teach us about why we fail to act? How does philosophy look at our moral duties towards future generations? What is the politics of international climate negotiations? What can you do as an individual?

Course: Sustainable Development Goals

Radboud University offers a bachelor course that specifically deals with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): an introduction to the SDGs and the systemic approach in which these interrelated sustainability issues are increasingly viewed.

Would you like to contribute ideals to our sustainability policy?

Then sign up for the student sounding board group of the Radboud Sustainability programme! The aim of the sounding board group is to contribute ideas at an early stage from the perspective of students about sustainable development within Radboud University. Participants can come up with ideas, signals and initiatives themselves and vice versa they can also be asked to respond to ideas and (policy) developments that arise from the sustainability programme.