Student testimonials

LauraBicknelldefLaura Bicknell, Bachelor's International Business Administration

'During the first three years of my bachelor's degree, I already noticed that I found the subjects related to sustainability particularly interesting. I decided to take a gap year before starting my Master's and fill it with things that I found interesting. For example, I did an internship at a circularity initiative and obtained my Sustainability Testimony at Radboud University. Obtaining the Testimony has given me a lot of extra knowledge about sustainability and it has confirmed for me that I want to continue with sustainability. As a result, I am now doing a Master's which largely focuses on sustainability. I also found it very interesting to follow courses at different faculties. After all, different disciplines look at sustainability issues differently and I believe that most of these issues also require a multidisciplinary approach to reach a solution. And above all, it is great fun to spar with students from other faculties about these kinds of issues. I would definitely recommend getting your Sustainability Testimony!'

Jo-Ann Preuter, Bachelor's Geography

joann preuter'Taking courses for the Sustainability Testimonial has made me realise that sustainability is so much more than being good for the environment and the critical amount of natural resources we have on earth. Sustainability also concerns issues such as (gender) equality and more specifically, among other things, the accessibility of companies and organizations for every member of society. This has challenged me to see how many aspects of our daily lives can be related to sustainability. In short, we can no longer avoid the fact that sustainability plays an important role in our lives and those of future generations. I therefore also advise other students to be challenged by the beautiful themes within the Sustainability Testimony.'

Willem Derks, Bachelor's International Business Administration

WillemDerksdef'The Sustainability Testimony challenges students to think critically about what it means to run a sustainable organisation or to live a more sustainable life as an individual. It has taught me that choices around sustainability are never black or white, but inherently involve trade-offs between economic, ecological and social interests. Understanding how the choices we are making now, or have already made, shape dynamic systems, has brought much nuance to the debate for me. At the same time, these kinds of choices are increasingly unavoidable. Sustainability issues will increasingly play a role on both a professional and personal level, and I would like to advise other students to immerse themselves in these themes through this Radboud University initiative. In this way everyone can contribute in their own way to the challenges of the future.'

Fabian Engelsman, Bachelor's Business Administration

FabianEngelsmandef'During my bachelor Business Administration, I became interested in all kinds of sustainability issues such as circular economy and true cost accounting. The Sustainability Testimony was an extra reason for me to follow sustainable courses during my elective and to write my thesis on a sustainable topic. I think it is important that more attention is paid to sustainability in education and the testimonial is a good first step. It motivates students to think about sustainability in their studies and also to gain knowledge outside their own faculty. After all, there is a wide range of sustainability courses from all kinds of different fields of study.

For me, the Sustainability Testimony is not only an acknowledgement of my interest in sustainability, but it has also helped me with my admission to my subsequent studies at Erasmus University!'

Lisan Steijns, Bachelor's Business Administration

Lisan_Steijns'In the society of today and the future, where sustainability is more important than ever, it is interesting for students to add knowledge about this to the study programme they are following. This can be done by taking electives and obtaining the Sustainability Testimony. Elective courses that qualify relate to (a combination of) the people, planet or profit aspect of sustainability. They are classified according to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, which ensures that you will gain knowledge of relevant topics. In addition, you can choose from many different subjects. You can choose a specific subject and thereby give more direction to what you are studying or, as I did myself, expand your knowledge on diverse subjects such as climate change through industry and diversity in the workplace. I chose to attain the Sustainability Testimony because I think it is important to be aware of sustainability issues in the world and to contribute to their resolution whenever possible. Moreover, I chose the Testimony as a way to distinguish myself from others and thus create a more interesting position for myself in the labour market. The knowledge I have gained also offers interesting perspectives for the master's in Innovation and Entrepreneurship that I have chosen as my next study.'

Luc Spronk, International Business Administration

Luc Spronk'During my Bachelor’s , I managed to complete the criteria for the Sustainability Testimony. This program already uses the Responsible Organisation as the overarching concept for the IBA program. Although I did recognize that throughout my bachelor’s, I wanted to challenge myself and deepen my
knowledge on sustainability. Every student has the option to enroll in courses outside of their program, and there are many interesting ones! The courses listed under this testimony are then basically a nice filter to find interesting courses that have something to do with sustainability in the broadest sense of the word. What I liked especially, is that you can take courses at other faculties. I followed courses at the Social faculty and at Philosophy and it was refreshing to hear and learn their approaches to sustainability from within their perspectives! I think that this is very useful. Interdisciplinary aspects often
lack in Bachelor’s programs, and the Sustainability Testimony is a good way to cross your borders. Another benefit is that with this Testimony, you can prove to employers that you’ve engaged with this theme, which can help you if you want to get into certain positions.'