Purchasing with Impact

Radboud University purchases approximately 120 million euros worth of construction works, services, and products every year. This is how we make research and education possible for the entire university and support its operations. With Inkopen met Impact (2021), the new sustainable procurement policy, Radboud University actively contributes to a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for all, and works towards a circular and climate-neutral university with an eye for the environment and people’s welfare.

This is where we need our employees. After all, everyone who purchases or orders something can help make a difference. As a commissioning party, you can do much just by asking the right questions, challenging the market, setting a good example, or inspiring others. You have a part to play.

Together we make an impact on the world around us

One of the four themes we are working on is climate neutrality. As university, we consume 42,965 tonnes of CO2 equivalents annually. This is equivalent to flying to Paris 300,755 times or 2,148,250 trees growing for one year. More than a third of those CO2 emissions occur in the production and transport of everything we purchase, such as ICT (resources and cloud space), building management or catering. Here, as a university, we can make an enormous impact on the world around us. In this, we want to set an example and lead the way. We are also committed to circularity. Together, we can reduce the use of raw materials such as by asking yourself when ordering whether you really need that phone, desk chair, or notebook.