Application procedure

Candidates interested to pursue our programme are welcome to apply by filling out the application form below. After reviewing this application, our staff will contact the interested candidate with a decision or with a request for additional information, following the steps outlined below.

Steps application procedure

  1. Check if you meet the programme's requirements in the application requirements page
  2. Apply through the application form
  3. Your application will be assessed and an initial decision taken
  4. If you meet the requirements and we see a fit between your research idea and our programme, you will be assigned a supervisor, who will help you work on a research pre-proposal
  5. The pre-proposal is then assessed by
    1. Supervisor(s)
    2. Programme management staff
    3. Institute of Management Research's Doctoral School
  6. If all the assessments are successful, you are admitted to the programme


Would you like to know more about the programme? You can reach out to us through email: