Welcome to the Synthetic Organic Chemistry group

In chemistry countless reactions are known, and for synthesising a specific molecule a chemist can often choose many different pathways. But which reactions and techniques offer the most reliable and sustainable path? Our goal is to design and synthesise biological relevant molecules and improve the existing methods of synthesis.

We focus on small molecules with biological relevance, like heterocyclic compounds, organic metal complexes, carbohydrates, proteins and peptides. Our group has on average 25 researchers that spend most time in the lab. We use modern techniques like flow chemistry which allow for control of chemical reactions in ways not possible with traditional chemistry. We also have access to the latest analytical and synthetic tools including such as state-of-the-art NMR machines and an in-house developed parallel high pressure synthesizer.

We also make sure our technologies reach the industry. The Synthetic Organic Chemistry group has produced several successful spin-offs.

The Synthetic Organic Chemistry group is part of the theme Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Complex Molecular Systems, within the Institute for Molecules and Materials.

Staff members

The research group Synthetic Organic Chemistry consists of the following staff members:

prof. dr. Floris Rutjes

dr. Daniel Blanco Ania

dr. Thomas Boltje

dr. Paul White

dr. Martin Feiters

dr. Kim Bonger

dr. Dennis Löwik


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Daniel Blanco Ania has won the 2019 KNCV Education Prize and with that the 'Golden Teacher of the Year' (read) (read)


Groupmeetings on Thursdays from 9:00 - 10:30:

12-05-2022: Daan Sondag and Laura Jansen
19-05-2022: Mike Smeenk and Daniel Blanco-Ania
02-06-2022: Bob Ignacio and Thom Posthumus