The following Bachelor and Master courses are (partly) given by different members of the Synthetic Organic Chemistry Group. Furthermore they are involved in internships for both Bachelor's and Master's and literature theses for masters. For more information about the specific courses, click on one of the course codes below: 

Prof. dr. F.P.J.T. Rutjes

  • NWI-SM302 Advanced Organic Synthesis (3 ec)
  • NWI-SM018A Application of Metal-catalysis in natural Product Synthesis (3 ec)
  • NWI-FMT020 Bio-economy (3 ec)
  • NWI-MOL091 Green Chemistry (3 ec)
  • NWI-SM293 Industrial Pharmaceutical Chemistry (not in 2015/2016) (3 ec)
  • NWI-MOL096 Metal Organic Chemistry (3 ec)
  • NWI-MOL093 Stereoselective synthesis (3 ec)
  • NWI-FMT023 The future of health: from the laboratory to the clinic and from utopia to applications (6 ec)
  • NWI-SM300A Study Tour Chemistry (3 ec)

dr. D. Blanco

dr. M. C. Feiters

dr. T. J. Boltje

dr. J. Mecinovic