Bio-Organic Chemistry

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Creating complex systems from the bottom up

In nature, countless complex structures are known, and mimicking these structures can be a challenging task. How do you design a nano- or micro-system from the bottom up? Our goal is to design functional supramolecular structures and apply them to advance the field of nanomedicine.

Our group finds their inspiration in natural materials and processes. It is our aim to develop functional polymers, peptide and protein-based hybrid materials with biological activity. By using a variety of synthetic techniques, such as controlled polymerization, peptide synthesis and protein engineering methods. We furthermore mimic natural biological processes by compartmentalization and assembly of biocatalysts in polymeric capsules (polymersomes) for the design of synthetic mobile systems.

The Systems Chemistry group consists of people from many different scientific backgrounds. Everyone has their specialisation in the broad field of biochemistry and materials science, which leads to a strong emphasis on collaboration within the group. We have a modern lab with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as access to the latest analytical tools including NMR, UV-VIS, Electron microscopy and Mass spectrometry.

Systems Chemistry is part of the Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM).

Systems Chemistry


Prof. Dr. Daniela Wilson

The Wilson group investigates smart functional materials and their application in non-equilibrium systems obtained from the self-assembly of simple synthetic building blocks with unique properties. We aim to create dynamic, responsive and adaptive nanosystems able to control their motion, directionality, speed and behaviour. Research focusses on both chemical design of the supramolcular systems and its application in-vivo. (more)

Molecular Materials

Dr. Paul Kouwer

We are surrounded by smart materials. In fact, we are made out of smart materials, i.e. materials with properties that change when time, temperature, pressure or something else changes. Smart soft materials are the focus of the Molecular Materials group. One research line focuses on the properties of synthetic fibrous hydrogels, a second research line develops Liquid Crystal Templating of soft matter. (more)

Chem. NanoMedicine
Kevin Neumann_2

Dr. Kevin Neumann

The Neumann group is interested in utilizing nanomedicinal approaches to overcome existing challenges in drug activation and delivery. We focus on the design and synthesis of complex macromolecular structures with applications in the field of nanomedicine. Another major aim is the in-vivo synthesis of drug molecules directly at the site of interest by utilizing polymer scaffolds, intertwining organic and polymer chemistry with medicine. (more)

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