Weighing is of utmost importance in chemical synthesis because it is often the only way to determine the amount of a substance to be used or formed in a chemical reaction. Through Avogadro's constant there is a direct link between the weight and the number of molecules involved in a reaction. For this purpose every lab is equipped with a number of balances for general use and normal analytical precision of about 1 milligram.

For more precise weight determination one can use a more precise (0.01 milligram balance in the wet room (04.311). If this is not sufficient we have a Sartorius Ultra micro balance available with a precision of .0001 milligram or 0.1 µgram. This balance is supervised by a staff-member and is meant to be operated only after a mandatory instruction. See below.

Sartorius µ-balance

Sartorius Micro Balance RC210S

range (g) × reading (mg) = 210 × 0.01

location HG 03.411

Sartorius ultra µ-balance

Sartorius Ultra Micro Balance

range (g) × reading (mg) = 4.02 × 0.0001

location HG 03.421
Due to its delicate character only to be operated by authorised personel. Further information through contact.