Getting Started

Communication with people who don't have (hands-on) experience in mass spectrometry is sometimes tedious. In order to overcome this problem we have gathered some usefull information overhere that helps to learn more about mass-spectrometry.

MS Lecture Notes (pdf, 2,4 MB): Any novice should start with this document.
Educationial section at
Bibliograhy for beginners.
Mass Spectrometry on Wikipedia.
HPLC basics for LCMS
Literature (pdf, 99 kB) some articles from known journals with special interest to our facilities.

Development of mass spectrometers from Thomson and Aston to present (pdf, 2,9 MB)
Mass spectrometry-The early years (pdf, 2,2 MB)
History of mass measurements in time-of-flight mass analyzers (pdf, 1,9 MB)
Mass Spectrometry - Kenneth L. Busch (2003) (pdf, 1,2 MB)