Research Groups BOC

Note: The research on this page is outdated. For students interested in an internship, our most recent research is listed in the profiles of our PhD students and Postdocs. We recommend emailing the person who's research interests you directly, or contacting prof. Wilson to enquire about our projects.

The Systems Chemistry group finds its inspiration in natural materials and processes. Well-defined molecular systems with a high level of complexity are constructed, which find their potential application in the biomedical field. Within our group we have three main research topics as depicted below.

Smart Functional Nanomotors

The Wilson group investigates smart functional materials and their application in non-equilibrium systems obtained from the self-assembly of simple synthetic building blocks with unique properties with the aim to create dynamic, responsive and adaptive nanosystems able to control their motion, directionality, speed and behaviour.  (more)


Nanoreactors & Nanomedicine

The Wilson group employs polymer synthesis, protein engineering and nano- science to construct well-defined nanodevices. These are used as artificial organelles to control catalytic processes and as smart materials for drug delivery and tissue repair. (more)

Nanoreactors & Nanomedicine