The Systems Chemistry group is located in the Huygens building in Nijmegen, on the third floor in wings 1 (Peptide Chemistry) and 8 (Systems Chemistry). All students are welcome to visit or contact us to get more information about our group and projects.

The Systems Chemistry Department organizes several courses for the cluster of Molecular Chemistry (Chemistry, MLS and Science) at the Bachelor and Master level. These courses serve as a perfect entry level to learn more about polymer- and peptide chemistry, nanotechnology and systems chemistry.

We also offer students the opportunity to take part in real research within our department. It is possible to do a Bachelors, Masters or HBO Bachelors internship at our department as well as a literature thesis. The Systems Chemistry group is a multi-disciplinary group with a wide variety of research projects. Whether you like synthesis, nanotechnology, catalysis, polymer chemistry, biochemistry, instrumental analysis or peptide chemistry, there will always be a project that suits you. To get an idea of what type of research we are currently doing, please visit our research page or look at what our PhD's and PostDocs are currently working on.

Every Wednesday between 10:30 and 12:00, our group meeting is held in HG03.817 and is open to any student interested in having a look at our research. Please note that the door to wing 8 is locked to outsiders. If you wish to join our meeting, please come early to ask someone to allow you access to the wing. We are usually walking in and out of the wing and (usually) notice a knock on the door. In addition to this, the group provides lectures during Wednesday cluster meetings and colloquia.