Faculty of Science
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Former Members

Professor Emeriti
Prof.dr. H. Knops
Prof. dr. A. Janner
Prof. dr. T. Janssen
Prof. dr. A. Fasolino

Former TCM members
Timur Tudorovskiy

Mikhail A. Akhukov
Kostyantyn Zakharchenko (K.Zakharchenko@science.ru.nl)
Astrid S. de Wijn
Rafael Roldan Toro
Hartmut Hafermann
Danil W. Boukhvalov
Igor di Marco
Oksana V. Manyuhina (oksanam@kth.se)
Linde van Heeringen
Alexander Vasilyev
Alireza Qaiumzadeh (a.qaiumzadeh@gmail.com) - continues as a Postdoc at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Prof.dr. A.G.M. Janner (professor emeriti) (In memoriam)
Yeşim Mogulkoç (mogulkoc@eng.ankara.edu.tr)
Aybey Mogulkoç (mogulkoc@science.ankara.edu.tr)
Andrea Secchi (andrea.secchi@iit.it) - continues as a Postdoc at the Italian Institute for Technology (IIT)in Genova (Italy)
Merel van Wijk - former PhD student, works at Gupta Strategists
Frank Buijnsters - former PhD student, started at Design Engineer at Lime BV (Laboratory for Industrial Mathematics) in Eindhoven
Clément Dutreix (clement.dutreix@ens-lyon.fr) - continues as a Postdoc at the Theoretical Physics group of Laboratory of Physics (ENS de Lyon, France) and in 2021 at CNRS in France
Sergey Brener (sbrener@physnet.uni-hamburg.de) - continues as a Postdoc at the University of Hamburg
Inka Locht (inkocht@gmail.com) - former PhD student, started at "NS Techniek" (Dutch Railway)
Jaap Kroes - former Postdoc
Johan Mentink (Tenure Tracker at SSI, former member of TCM)
Alessandro Principi - started his Tenure Track position in Manchester, UK
Prof.dr. T. Janssen (professor emeriti) (In memoriam)
Remko Logemann - former PhD student
Sasha Itin (alexander.itin@tuhh.de) - started in 2019 as Lead Machine learning researcher at Bosch Research, and in 2021 as Senior Researcher  at Hamburg University of Technology   https://www.mle.hamburg/authors/itin/
Lars Peters - former Postdoc, started working at TenneT (Arnhem) at the department Asset Maintenance Strategy
Annalisa Fasolino - former staffmember, retired
Guus Slotman - PhD student, started in 2018 as a research scientist at Screenpoint Medical Nijmegen
Hylke Donker - former PhD student, started at "Software ontwikkelaar Spindle", later as data scientist at UMCG - Groningen university
Zhenya Stepanov - former Postdoc, started at Hamburg University, Germany and will start at CNRS France in 2021
Erik van Loon (evloon@itp.uni-bremen.de) - started as a Postdoc at the university in Bremen and started in 2021 at Lund University Sweden
Jan Los - former Postdoc, started at CMLA-ENS, Cachan, France
Andrei Lugovskoi - former Postdoc, started at Conference Compass B.V., Delft
Edo van Veen - PhD student, started in 2019 at Asset Insight in Nieuwegein as data scientist and later as a scientific Programmer at Technische Universiteit Delft
Andrey Bagrov - former Postdoc, started at Uppsala university in Sweden (andrey.bagrov@physics.uu.se)
Marion Barbeau - former PhD student, started in 2020 as a Postdoc at QuSpin, Trondheim University, Norway
Robert Sokolewicz - former PhD student, started in 2021 at the Centre for Innovation Leiden University as a data analyst