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Group Pictures

Grouppicture TCM 2021-3

July 2021
From left to right:
Upper row: Dr. Swagata Acharya, Belinda Eijgenraam, Drs. Yann in 't Veld, Dr. Koen Reijnders, Ma-student Matthijs Vernooij
Second row: Drs. Tom Westerhout, Drs. Fabio Salvati, Drs. Manuel Simonato, Dr. Yunhua Wang, Dr. Peiliang Zhao
Third row: Drs. Tjacco Koskamp, Dr. Sasha Rudenko, Dr. Malte Rösner, Ba-student Adrián Sousa-Poza, Drs. Lennert van Tilburg
Fourth row: Prof.dr. Shengjun Yuan, Drs. Askar Iliasov, Dr. Misha Titov, Dr. Guodong Yu, Drs. Achille Mauri
Last row: Prof.dr. Misha Katsnelson, Drs. Weiqing Zhou, Ma-student Wouter Bos, Dr. Ivan Ado, Dr. Hongxia Zhong

TCM Group Picture 2019

October 2019
From left to right top back row:
Dr. Sasha Rudenko, Ma-student Tom Westerhout, Drs. Askar Iliasov, Drs. Bektur Murzaliev, Dr. Andrey Bagrov, Belinda Eijgenraam (secretary)
Middle row:
Dr. Guodong Yu, Misha Baglai (guest), Prof. dr. Misha Katsnelson (head department), Dr. Shengjun Yuan, Dr. Peiliang Zhao, Vladimir Mazurenko (guest)
Front row:
Dr. Jin Yu, Drs. Ivan Ado , Drs. Robert Sokolewicz, Dr. Malte Rösner, Drs. Achille Mauri, Drs. Koen Reijnders, Dr. David Soriano

Missing on the picture: Dr. Misha Titov,  Drs. Marion Barbeau

group_photo_TCM 2018

October 2018
From left to right top:
Dr. Sasha Rudenko, Dr. Zhenya Stepanov, Dr. Guodong Yu, Dr. Andrey Lugovskoi, Drs. Achille Mauri, Drs. Robert Sokolewicz, Dr. Jin Yu, Dr. David Soriano, Drs. Koen Reijnders, Dr. Peiliang Zhao, Ma-student Tom Westerhout, Drs. Bektur Murzaliev and Drs. Edo van Veen
Bottom row: Drs. Marion Barbeau, Dr. Andrey Bagrov, Dr. Misha Titov, Prof. dr. Misha Katsnelson (head department), Belinda Eijgenraam (secretary) and Drs. Askar Iliasov

Missing on the picture: Drs. Ivan Ado and Dr. Shengjun Yuan

TCM Group Picture 2017

February 2017
From left to right, first row: Edo van Veen, Koen Reijnders, Shengjun Yuan, Misha Katsnelson, Annalisa Fasolino, Misha Titov, Alessandro Principi, Bektur Murzaliev, Ivan Ado
Middle row: Erik van Loon, Remko Logemann, Jaap Kroes, Lars Peters, Andrey Bagrov, Hylke Donker, Jacqueline Zeitler, Sasha Itin, Jin Yu, Zhenya Stepanov
Back row: Vladimir Mazurenko (guest), Guus Slotman, Lennert van Tilburg, Andrey Lugovskoi, Tom Westerhout, Robert Sokolewicz, Belinda Eijgenraam, Johan Mentink, Matteo Stifano, Giacomo Sesti, Davide Tisi, Marion Barbeau

Missing on the picture: Jan Los, Sasha Rudenko, Mark Beijer

NightCap Pro-Photo

November 2016
The team "Misha's Minions" achieved eternal glory by crushing the opposition in the yearly PhD pubquiz. Carbon entered the equation thrice.
From left to right: Guus Slotman, Remko Logemann, Erik van Loon, Lennert van Tilburg, Hylke Donker, Jaap Kroes and Edo van Veen                      

Tug of war winners 2016

IMM Sports Day: TCM wins Tug of War 2016
From left to right: Jaap Kroes, Marion Barbeau, Guus Slotman, Robert Sokolewicz, Andrey Bagrov and Ivan Ado

TCM Group Picture 2015

June 2015
From left to right, top: (sadly passed away January 2016), Misha Katsnelson, Lennert van Tilburg, Guus Slotman, Jan Los, Zhenya Stepanov, Robert Sokolewicz, Sebastian Gattenlöhner, Jaap Kroes, Merel van Wijk, Johan Mentink, Andrea Secchi, Frank Buijnsters, Alireza Qaiumzadeh, Clément Dutreix
Middle row: Belinda Eijgenraam, Sergey Brener, Sasha Itin, Koen Reijnders, Remco Hens, Nicole Orval, Marijn Man, Shengjun Yuan
Bottom row: Aybey Moğulkoç, Yeşim Moğulkoç, Annalisa Fasolino, Inka Locht, Linde van Heeringen, Misha Titov, Erik van Loon, Alessandro Principi, Sasha Rudenko, Hylke Donker

Missing on the picture:  Ivan Ado, Nick Brummans, Remko Logemann, Lars Peters, Edo van Veen

TCM Soccer Team 2015IMM Sport Day: winning Soccer Team 2015

Group picture 20132013
From left to right: Danil Bukhvalov, Misha Katsnelson, Erik van Loon, Frank Buijnsters, Merel van Wijk, Guus Slotman, Andrea Secchi, Remko Logemann, Shengjun Yuan, Koen Reijnders, Nicole Orval, Annalisa Fasolino, Lennert van Tilburg, Annelot Schuring, Misha Titov 

Group picture 20122012
From left to right: Misha Katsnelson, Misha Akhukov, Andrea Secchi, Merel van Wijk, Shengjun Yuan, Guus Slotman, Misha Titov, Linde van Heeringen, Annalisa Fasolino, Anja Föllings-Reuvers, Lennert van Tilburg, Koen Reijnders, Frank Buijnsters, Aloysio Janner

Group picture 20112011
From left to right: Jonas Sweep, Shengjun Yuan, Misha Akhukov, Astrid de Wijn, Annalisa Fasolino, Misha Katsnelson, Merel van Wijk, Koen Reijnders, Jan Los, Linde van Heeringen, Inka Locht, Joost van den Ende, Anja Föllings-Reuvers, Alex Lopes, Kostya Zakharchenko