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The history of Condensed Matter from the book "History of the first 50 years of Nijmegen's Faculty of Science

"Activities in the domain of theoretical physics initiated five years after the founding of the Faculty. At the start, it was decided to concentrate on two modern fields, namely on statistical physics (including the theory of solid state) and on elementary particles (…)

The Early History
Three chairs were set up and three chair holders appointed: Johand de Swart for the theory of elementary particles, Eddy Verboven for statistical physics, and Aloysio Janner for the theory of the solid state. The three professors continued their research in fields in which they had previously obtained their expertise (…)

Aloysio Janner continued in his mathematical approach to crystallography (…) The research line of Swart and Janner came to constitute the bases for very long-lasting and fruitful research programmes. Research in condensed matter physics obtained strong support when, with the help of the Dutch organization 'Fundamental Research of Matter' (FOM, now NWO), a group started to developing numerical methods for the study of electrons in condensed matter (solid state and liquids) (…)

The group saw a change in their leader in the 1990s. Aloysio Janner was succeeded by Ted Janssen (1993), who later gave the rudder to Mikhael Katsnelson. With the latter, the direction of the group changed considerably. In 2008 Annalisa Fasolino was appointed on a chair for computational condensed matter physics (…)

Title: The Growth of the Faculty Tree. The First 50 Years of Nijmegen's Faculty of Science
Author(s): Lüthy, C.H. ; Thijssen, W.Th.M.
Publication year: 2010
Publisher: Nijmegen : RU Nijmegen
ISBN: 9789081594615