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Master & Bachelor students

Master students Title

Greta Lupi (2022-2023)

Superconductivity in multilayer MoS2

Gerco Ganzevoort (2022-2023)

Plasmonics of 2D materials (such as graphene)

Femke Verheijen (2022-2023)


Mika van Zijl (2021-2022)

The mechanical properties of graphene by means of molecular dynamics simulation

Matthijs Vernooij (2020-2021)

The topological Hall effect: A study of a 2D Rashba ferromagnet (pdf, 2,6 MB) (thesis)

Wouter Bos (2020-2021)

Superconductivity in bilayer MoS2

Yann in 't Veld (2019-2020)
Plasmonic superconductivity (pdf, 4,7 MB) (thesis)
Bandwidth renormali-zation due to the intersite Coulomb interaction (publication)
Tom Westerhout (2018-2020)
Deep learning for Quantum Many-Body Physics (pdf, 1,5 MB) (thesis)
Plasmon confinement in fractal quantum systems
Neural Quantum States of frustrated magnets: generalization and sign structure
Generalization properties of neural network approximations to frustrated magnet ground states
Maxime Gidding (2018-2019) Simulating charge distribution and screening in multilayer graphene
(thesis not available)
Claudius Müller (2017-2018) Extensive Magnetic Oscillation Study of Nodal Line Dirac Semimetals (thesis)
Matteo Vandelli (2017-2018) Three-Particle Response Functions in Condensed Matter Physics: Application to Optical Second Harmonic Generation and Chiral Three-Spin Interaction (thesis)
Matteo Stifano (2016-2017) Skyrmion Manipulation of Ultrathin Films by Modification of Exchange Interactions (thesis)
Davide Tisi (2016-2017) Temperature dependence of phonons in graphene comparison of different theoretical models (thesis)
Giacomo Sesti (2016-2017) Time-Evolution of Magnetic Vector Fields through Disorder-Averaged Green Functions in Layered Antiferromagnets (thesis)
Robert Sokolewicz (2015-2016) Non-local Josephson Effect induced by Entangled Bogoliubov-de Gennes Quasiparticles (thesis)
Rob Ouwersloot (2015-2016) The effect of grain boundaries on the elastic properties of graphene and nanotubes (thesis)
Han van der Pluijm (2015-2016) On the interpretation of the quantum wave function (thesis)
Remco Hens (2014-2015) Simulations and modeling of thermal and mechanical deformations of graphene (thesis)
Nicole Orval (2014-2015) Dynamics of domain wall kinks in external magnetic field (thesis)
Bachelor students Title

Sander Leisink (2021-2022)

Statistical physics of phase glasses (XY rotor models) (thesis not available)

Casper Pijnenburg (2021-2022)

Poisson solver for layered materials in inhomogeneous dielectric environments (pdf, 1,4 MB) (thesis)

Pim Coenders (2021-2022)

Mapping the phase diagram of the quantum Heisenberg model with 4-spin exchange (pdf, 1,6 MB) (thesis)

Femke Verheijen (2020-2021)

Phonon Damping in Graphene (pdf, 584 kB) (thesis)

Adrian Sousa-Poza (2020-2021)

Plasmonic Excitations in Mono-Layer Graphene (pdf, 7,4 MB) (thesis)

Wietze Huisman (2020-2021)

Magnetism in CrI3 (pdf, 1 MB) (thesis)

Rens Theunissen (2020-2021)

Investigating stability and dynamics of magnetic Hopfions in cubic crystals with SPIRIT software (pdf, 814 kB) (thesis)

Jesse Vos (2020-2021)

Magnetization dynamics in a honeycomb ferromagnet (pdf, 317 kB) (thesis)
Samber Bastiaansen (2020-2021)

Plasmonic Excitations in Twisted bilayer Graphene (pdf, 5,9 MB) (thesis)
Robin Smeets (2020-2021)

Energy Spectra: Dynamical System Approach (pdf, 5,9 MB) (thesis)
Anne Riewald (2019-2020)
Theoretical Modeling of Plasmon Dispersions in 2D Heterostructures (thesis)
Hashem Jabr (2019-2020)

Antiferromagnetic resonance in a honeycomb lattice (thesis)
Tom Westerhout (2017-2018) Plasmons in Fractals (thesis)
Plasmon confinement in fractal quantum systems (publication)

Mark Beijer (2017-2018) Spin textures in SrTiO3/LaAlO3 heterostructures (thesis)
Lele Fang (2017-2018) Effect of damping on micromagnetic dynamics (thesis)
Yann in 't Veld (2017-2018 Using an effective hopping parameter to approximate the extended Hubbard model (thesis)
Jacqueline Zeitler (2016-2017) Atomistic simulations of the shape of bubbles in graphite (thesis)
Maxime Gidding (2015-2016) Electrostatic screening in layered 2D materials - Applied to graphene and phosphorene (thesis)
Luuk Coopmans (2015-2016) Temperature dependence of the phonons of graphene (thesis)
Nick Brummans (2014-2015)

Hydrogen Covered Graphene (thesis)

Marijn Man (2014-2015)

Time-delay distribution as a probe of topological charge (thesis)