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Andrey Bagrov

Andrey BagrovAssistant Professor (Universitair Docent)
Email: andrey.bagrov@ru.nl
Office: HG03.062
Tel: (024) 36 52981 (telephone secretary)

Expertise: many-body quantum theory, condensed matter applications of the anti de Sitter/Conformal field theory (AdS/CFT) correspondence, machine learning in quantum physics.

Andrey Bagrov (1987) is an Assistant Professor in neuro- and data-inspired theory since September of 2021. He got his PhD degree from Leiden University (2015), where he has been working on application of string-theoretical methods to strongly correlated condensed matter systems. Prior to joining the faculty of Radboud University, he held postdoctoral positions here at the TCM group (2015-2019) and at the Materials Theory division at Uppsala University (2019-2021). He is pursuing a number of research lines in mathematical and computational aspects of condensed matter physics with the main focus on many-body phenomena. Nowadays, his main field is machine learning applications to the study of correlation effects in lattice quantum Hamiltonians. Besides that, he is working on the holographic description of the finite density fermionic matter, developing the theory of structural complexity of natural patterns, and doing research on some topics in high-energy physics.