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Misha Titov

Mikhail (Misha) TitovUniversitair Hoofd Docent (UHD)
Email: mikhail.titov@ru.nl
Homepage: Quantum Transport Group
Tel: (024) 36 52981 (telephone secretary)
Office: HG03.073

Expertise: Quantum transport in materials and devices
Methods: kinetic equation, non-equilibrium Green's functions, random matrix theory, non-linear sigma model, renormalisation group

Misha Titov (1972) is leading the Quantum Transport Group. This group looks at how to engineer charge, heat, and spin transport on the nanoscale. As a part of the TCM Group they think of theory models which describe the interplay of topolgy, disorder, and interactions in condensed matter.

Misha is involved in teaching Statistical Mechanics and Non-Equilibrium Field Theory of Condensed Matter

Quantum Transport Group

Curriculum Vitae:
University Lecturer (2012 – Present)
Group leader in quantum transport and nano electronics
University Lecturer in Physics at Heriot-Watt University (September 2007 – 2012) 
Group leader in condensed matter theory
Senior researcher at University of Konstanz (November 2005 – September 2007) 
Senior postdoc in quantum transport and mesoscopics
Staff researcher at Max-Planck Society/Max-Planck-Institute for Physics of Complex Systems (November 2001 – October 2005)
Postdoctoral researcher at Universiteit Leiden (January 2000 – October 2001) 
postdoc in mesoscopic physics and random matrix theory
PhD student at Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute (October 1995 – December 1999) 
postdoc in mesoscopic physics