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Shengjun Yuan

Shengjun YuanBijzonder Hoogleraar (professor by special appointment)
Working at Wuhan University, China 
Email: shengjun.yuan@ru.nl
Homepage: Computational Physics Group

Expertise: Multiscale Modeling of Quantum Systems, Low-dimensional Materials
Method: Tight-binding Propagation Method
Recent study: A New Approach for the Modeling of Complex Quantum Systems

Computational Physics Group:
Shengjun Yuan leads this subgroup under Theory of Condensed Matter. This group;
- solves problems in physics via state-of-art numerical computing
- developes new methods and softwares for the simulation of quantum system up to billion atoms
- studies the electronic, transport, optical and screening properties of various systems, including graphene and its derivatives, semiconducting 2D materials (transition metal dichalcogenides and black phosphorus), artifical quantum structures (fractal) and quantum spin systems.
Read more about their research: Computational Physics Group

Computational Physics Group