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Poster Abstracts

1. Barbeau, Marion Non-resonant spin-charge coupling in a two-orbital Mott-Hubbard system (pdf, 86 kB)
(IMM, Radboud University)
2. Bighin, Giacomo A diagrammatic approach to composite, rotating impurities (txt, 1,6 kB)
(IST Austria)
3. Jin, Fengping Real-time broadening of nonequilibrium density profiles and the role of the specific initial-state realization (docx, 15 kB)
(Forschungszentrum Jülich)
4. Hirschmeier, Daniel Dual Fermion Approach for the Honeycomb Lattice (docx, 10 kB)
(Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Bremen)
5. Kamil, Ebad Theory of Mott physics in 1T-NbSe2
(Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Bremen)
6. Krien, Friedrich (University of Hamburg) Ward identities versus two-particle self-consistency (pdf, 184 kB)
7. Lizunova, Mariya Mobility Edge wave functions in Charge density waves
(Utrecht University, University van Amsterdam)
8. Lusan, Diana Quantifying the magnetocaloric effect from first-principles
(Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University)
9. Malte, Roesner Plasmonic Superconductivity in Layered Materials
(Physics and Astronomy, University of Southern California)
10. Medvedeva, Daria Exact Diagonalization solver for Extended DMFT problem
(Ural Federal University)
11. Menezes, Natalia Conformal QED in two-dimensional topological insulators
(Institute for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University)
12. Mentink, Johan Many-body approach to angular momentum transfer and the Einstein-de-Haas effect (docx, 15 kB)
(IMM, Radboud University)
13. Mozara, Roberto Cobalt adatoms on graphene: Role of the realistic (docx, 10 kB)
Coulomb interaction matrix in a QMC simulation
(University of Hamburg)
14. Nocon, Madita Simulation of a quantum annealer based on superconducting flux qubits (doc, 26 kB)
(Jülich Supercomputing Centre, Forschungszentrum Jülich)
15. Schönhoff, Gunnar Competition of strong charge and spin fluctuations in monolayer NbS2 (pdf, 68 kB)
(Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Bremen)
16. Shao, Bin Optically and electrically controllable adatom spin-orbital dynamics in transition metal dichalcogenides
(University of Bremen)
17. Shick, Alexander Magnetism and electronic structure of single rare-earth atom magnets
(Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences)
18. Sokolewicz, Robert Non-local magnetization dynamics in Dirac ferromagnetst (docx, 11 kB) (IMM, Radboud University) 
19. Thunström, Patrik Ab-Initio Dynamical Vertex Approximation (docx, 11 kB)
(Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University)
20. Willsch, Dennis  Simulation of gate-based quantum computers with superconducting qubits
(Jülich Supercomputing Centre, Forschungszentrum Jülich)
21. Yakaboylu, Enderalp. Emergence of non-abelian magnetic monopoles in a quantum impurity problem
(IST Austria)
22. Zhao, Peiliang Dynamics of open quantum spin systems: An assessment of the quantum master equation approach (pdf, 97 kB)
(Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, University of Groningen)