Faculty of Science
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Talks Invited Speakers

1. Biermann, Silke (Paris) First principles calculations for correlated materials: where do we stand? (docx, 11 kB)
2. Blügel, Stefan (Jülich) Skyrmion and Antiskyrmion  in rank-1, -2, and -3 DMI materials (pdf, 52 kB)
3. Eriksson, Olle (Uppsala) From electronic structures to magnetism (docx, 13 kB)
4. Felser, Claudia (Dresden) Weyl Semimetals (docx, 22 kB)
5. Fernández-Rossier, Joaquin (Braga) Electrical control of surface spins (docx, 13 kB)
6. Guinea, Francisco Paco (Madrid and Manchester) Novel features of two dimensional materials (docx, 14 kB)
7. Koppens, Frank (ICFO, Barcelona) Tuning quantum non-local effects in graphene plasmonics (pdf, 8,3 MB)
8. Lemeshko, Mikhail (Wien) The angulon quasiparticle: from molecules in superfluids to ultrafast magnetism (docx, 12 kB)
9. Michielsen, Kristel (Jülich) Quantum spin dynamics on the D-Wave quantum annealer (docx, 16 kB)
10. Pavarini, Eva (Jülich) Understanding strongly correlated ruthenates (pdf, 30 kB)
11. Polini, Marco (Genoa) Viscous electron flow in high-quality graphene (docx, 21 kB)
12. Raedt, de Hans (Groningen) Where does quantum theory comes from? (pdf, 41 kB)
13. Rubtsov, Alexey (Moscow) Driven dissipative dynamics beyond the Markovian approximation (pdf, 56 kB)
14. Stanislav Smirnov (Geneva) Conformal Field Theory and 2D statistical physics (docx, 13 kB) 
15. Stroscio, Joseph (NIST,USA) Quantized States and Berry Phases in Graphene Super Atoms (docx, 18 kB)
16. Vozmediano, Maria (Madrid) Axial gauge fields and new anomaly induced transport in  Dirac matter (docx, 22 kB)
17. Wees, van Bart (Groningen) Spintronics in graphene based Van der Waals heterostructures (docx, 17 kB)
18. Wehling, Tim (Bremen) Electronic Interactions in Two-Dimensional Materials (docx, 48 kB)