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Workshop Annalisa

Game-changing physics: a symposium in honour of Annalisa Fasolino

Date: Friday 20 October 2017
Venue: Radboud University, Faculty of Science
(Huygens building, Heyendaalseweg 135)
Lecture hall: HG00.304 

Annalisa Fasolino 2015During her career in Italy, Germany, France and the Netherlands, Annalisa has worked on many fundamental topics of condensed matter (surfaces, semiconductor hetero structures, soft matter, friction and graphene)  with potential for societal impact.

In this symposium for her retirement, some of her colleagues and friends will share their thoughts for the future of research in the field.


09:30-09:40   Intro Elisa Molinari & Peter Christianen       
                        & Misha Katsnelson
09:40-10:40   Erio Tosatti (Sissa Trieste)
                        Astrid de Wijn (Trondheim) 
                        Stefano Ossicini (Modena)
10:40-11:00   coffee

11:00-12:00   Chakram S. Jayanthi (Louisville USA)
                        Irina Grigorieva (Manchester) 
                        Christa Hooijer (NWO)
12:00-13:00   lunch

13:00-14:00   Massimo Altarelli (MPSD Hamburg)
                        Oksana Manyuhina (Eindhoven)
                        Berend Smit (EPFL)

Download entire programme (pdf, 123 kB)

Organizing committee

Elisa Molinari
(University of Modena)
Peter Christianen
(Radboud University)
Misha Katsnelson
(Radboud University)


It is possible to register until Monday 9 October 2017

There is no registration fee


Followed by valedictory lecture in the Aula
Registration Lecture