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"Ab Initio Phonon Fluctuation Diagonistics" (Title will change) by Erik van Loon (University of Bremen )
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"Many Body Excitations in Layered Materials in and out of Equilibrium" by Malte Rösner (Radboud University)
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"Anisotropy of interactions and universal magnetization dynamics in 2D Rashba magnets" by Misha Titov (Radboud University)
Abstract: In this talk I overview our recent progress in understanding the role of strong spin-orbit interactions of conduction electrons in 2D magnetic systems. First, I present a general point group classification of linear-in-gradient terms in micromagnetic energy that is designed to revise the seminal work of Bogdanov and Yablonskii. In particular, I show that, apart from Dzyaloshinskii-Moria interactions represented by Lifshitz invariants (LI), there exists non-LI contributions in micromagnetic energy. I also demonstrate that such non-LI contributions may become highly relevant in stabilizing non-collinear magnetic order especially in crystals defined by the point groups Td, Dh3, and Ch3, where the LI terms are forbidden by symmetry. In the second part of my talk, I present a detailed study of current induced phenomena in an effective model of 2D Rashba ferromagnet like Fe3GeTe2. In particular I demonstrate how Gilbert damping and in-plane spin-transfer torques acquire strong anisotropy due to spin-orbit interaction. I also explain a general relation between these quantities that make the speed of magnetic textures universally equal to the drift velocity of conduction electrons. At the end of my talk I compare our microscopic results on non-equilibrium magnetization dynamics to the standard phenomenological equations to make some further insights.