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Although magnetism has been known since ancient times, the magic ability of magnets to attract and repel could only be explained after the raise of quantum mechanics about 100 years ago. Today we know that magnetism is the strongest quantum mechanical phenomenon on the planet and that magnetic order and magnetic excitations are the result of a detailed interplay between electronic correlations and electronic structure properties, which eventually lead to effective spin-spin exchange interactions. Since magnetic order is very sensitive to the details of electronic structure, studying magnetism in low dimensions, which only recently came into experimental reach, is the next challenge in science.

In this focus session, leading experts working in the area of quantum magnetism present their most recent insights and perspectives for understanding and controlling the so far unmeasurable, but counter-intuitive states of magnetic matter.

Chairs: Malte Rösner (Radboud University), Marcos Guimarães (University of Groningen), Alexey Kimel (Radboud University)


Mikhail Katsnelson (Radboud University) "Theory of magnetic interactions in real materials"

Konstantin Novoselov (National University of Singapore) "Magnetic Van der Waals heterostructure"

Bart van Wees (University of Groningen) "Magnon spin transport in two-dimensional Van der Waals magnets"

Nadine Hauptmann (Radboud University) "Quantifying magnetic exchange interactions at the atomic scale"