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The research in our group focuses on reliable detection and quantification of volatile compounds in complex gas mixtures.  We develop and apply techniques and analytical methodologies using state-of-the-art laser-based spectroscopy (e.g. with supercontinuum sources) and mass spectrometry (e.g. PTR-ToF-MS) for a wide range of gas concentrations (from sub ppb level to ppm and percentages). There are applications in various Life Sciences domains, as well as other fields: biomarkers detection and monitoring for precision medicine, fruit storage, dairy farming, air pollution monitoring, plasma diagnostics, etc.

The group is part of the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Chemometrics at the Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM), bridging chemistry and instrumental physics. We participate in the IMM research themes 1) Structure and Dynamics of Molecules and 2) Chemistry of Complex Systems.

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We are always looking for people to join our group as a Postdoc, PhD student or Intern (Msc/Bsc)

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#Ademanalyse #Breath Analysis (in Dutch)

Ademanalyse via gassporendetectie, Simona Cristescu.
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The Flying Gran Piano

FLying ultrA-broadband single-shot Infra-Red sensor (FLAIR).
Muhammad Ali Abbas, Amir Khodabakhsh and Frans Harren
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