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Dexter Manalili



Phone: +31 (0)24 365 2380
E-mail: Dexter.manalili at ru.nl

Dexter obtained his BSc (2011) and MSc (2015) at the University of San Carlos in Cebu, Philippines.

PhD Physics [to be defended]: Under the supervision of Dr. Imran Avci of VU Amsterdam, he developed a novel technique to measure mechanical properties soft matter by combining a re-scanning confocal microscope and an all-optomechanical nanoindenter developed by Prof. dr. Davide Iannuzzi’s research group. I presented my work at a webinar entitled “New Solutions for Mechanobiology Studies” last 24 June 2021 which was aimed towards the growing mechanobiology community.

Researcher [September 2020 - March 2021]: Investigated and optimized key parameters of a fiber-based photoacoustic device at the VU Amsterdam Demonstrator Laboratory.

August 2021 – March 2022: I worked as a researcher for the Green Information Technology (GIT) voucher which focuses on real-time monitoring of volatile compounds such as biomarkers in exhaled breath of humans, as indicators of their health status. For this, we use laser-based spectroscopy systems for targeted volatile compounds and apply mass spectrometry for both targeted and untargeted compounds. There is a strong need for reliable gas sensors to generate accurate data on a large scale based on which decisions are taken to reduce overall environmental impacts of greenhouse gas emissions. We would like to tackle this problem by aiming to investigate existing and new technologies to build and use low-cost sensors to map the emission of greenhouse emission in the Netherlands.

April 2022 – present: I am currently involved in a project called SensorChip which aims to develop GHG sensors on a chip.