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Frans Harren

Frans Harren

Dr. Frans J.M. Harren
Professor (Associate) Retired

Office: HG.01.731

Phone: +31 (0)24 365 21 28
E-mail: F.Harren at science.ru.nl

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Dr. Frans Harren was the head of the Trace Gas Research Group until July 2021, when he officially retired after a rich and successful carrier in science. He received his Ph.D. in 1988 from Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen (now Radboud University) on “The photoacoustic effect; refined and applied to biological problems”.
One of the main and continuously sustained activities of his group has been devoted to the development of state-of-the-art laser spectroscopic for the detection of trace gases relevant for Life Sciences. Examples include mid-IR Optical Parametric Oscillators, Quantum Cascade Lasers or mid-infrared Dual Frequency Comb sources in combination with various detection techniques.

His research led to better insight into plant physiology, based upon the important, world-best sensitive detection of the plant hormone ethylene. Fermentation processes have been studied via the volatile emissions of ethanol and acetaldehyde from plants and fruit under low oxygen conditions. For the first time, direct NO emission has been observed from plants. Also, evidence was shown that there is no substantial aerobic methane emission by terrestrial plants.

He chaired and co-chaired numerous national and international conferences. He published over 170 articles in refereed journals and presented 80 invited lectures. In the multidisciplinary field of trace gas research, he employed 17 postdocs in the past until present and supervised 25 master students and 13 Ph.D. students. Among the postdocs, 7 have reached permanent positions at an academic level.

He received 50 national and international projects including the European projects: ERB3514-PL95-0708 “Rice for Life; FAIR 98-4211, Fruta Fresca; EU-Marie Curie Fellow-2010-275584 “QCLaser Nose”; EU-FP7-People-2011-IAPP 286409: “Novel short wavelength Quantum Cascade Lasers for high sensitivity gas detection” ; EU-H2020-ICT29 “Flying ultrA-broadband single-shot InfraRed Sensor”; INTERREG-NWE 2016 “Real-time “interactive storage” quality control in fresh agro products”.