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Pascalle Deenekamp



Phone: +31 (0)24 365 2380
E-mail: pascalle.deenekamp at ru.nl


Pascalle obtained a dual MSc degree at the Technical University of Delft in Life Science and Technology (biotechnology) and Science Communication. Her MSc theses focused on Environmental Biotechnology (research group of prof. Mark van Loosdrecht) and the transition of waste to resource. Prior to her MSc degrees, she obtained a BSc in Life Science and Technology at Leiden University and TU Delft.

From 2018 – May 2023 she was employed by the consulting engineering firm Royal HaskoningDHV as a process engineer in waste water treatment.

Current role
The PhD project concerns the identification of volatile organic molecules that are indicative for specific diseases in poultry farms. This research is part of the OBSeRVeD project, the goal of which is to develop an odour-based sensor for early detection of poultry disease.

OBSeRVeD: Odour Based Selective Recognition of Veterinary Diseases